Clearly Superior Window Films


Ultra Max

Sputtered metals make this film an attractive and effective option for solar rejection, fade and UV protection, while offering supreme weatherability.

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FilmElite Max
35% PS
Elite Max
50% PS
Elite Max
70% PS
Max Neutral
20% DA
Max Neutral
35% DA
Max Neutral
55% DA
Max Solar Bronze
20% DA
Max Solar Bronze
35% DA
Total Solar Energy Transmitted20%33%50%18%33%54%15%26%
Total Solar Energy Reflected60%54%31%26%16%8%39%29%
Total Solar Energy Absorbed20%22%19%56%52%37%46%45%
Visible Light Transmitted34%51%69%19%35%58%23%35%
Visible Light Reflection Exterior54%37%22%29%17%9%28%19%
Visible Light Reflection Interior56%37%21%31%19%10%33%24%
Visible Light Glare Reduction62%43%24%78%61%36%75%61%
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient0.260.380.550.350.490.660.280.38
Shading Coefficient0.290.440.630.410.560.760.320.44
Luminous Efficacy1.
Total Solar Energy Rejection74%62%45%65%52%34%72%62%
Infrared Rejection94%88%74%81%67%45%92%86%
Ultraviolet Rejection99%99%99%99%99%99%99%99%


Ultra Max Pro

Our Pro series has dual reflective laminated layers that reflect maximum solar energy while reducing internal mirrored appearance.

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FilmMax Dual Reflective
5% DA
Max Dual Reflective
15% DA
Max Dual Reflective
25% DA
Max Dual Reflective
35% DA
Max Dual Reflective
45% DA
Total Solar Energy Transmitted10%15%28%42%51%
Total Solar Energy Reflected53%47%29%14%9%
Total Solar Energy Absorbed37%39%44%44%40%
Visible Light Transmitted8%14%27%38%45%
Visible Light Reflection Exterior56%48%27%13%8%
Visible Light Reflection Interior15%21%14%8%7%
Visible Light Glare Reduction91%84%70%58%49%
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient0.200.250.400.550.64
Shading Coefficient0.230.290.470.630.73
Luminous Efficacy0.340.480.590.600.62
Total Solar Energy Rejection80%75%60%45%36%
Infrared Rejection93%90%79%62%48%
Ultraviolet Rejection99%99%99%99%99%


Reflective Max

Made with highly efficient, vapor-deposited aluminum, this film provides maximum heat rejection, privacy, and energy savings.

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FilmMax Silver 20% DAMax Silver 30% DAMax Silver 40% DA
Total Solar Energy Transmitted14%22%34%
Total Solar Energy Reflected53%42%29%
Total Solar Energy Absorbed34%36%37%
Visible Light Transmitted19%30%44%
Visible Light Reflection Exterior56%43%28%
Visible Light Reflection Interior56%42%27%
Visible Light Glare Reduction79%67%51%
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient0.230.320.44
Shading Coefficient0.260.370.50
Luminous Efficacy0.730.820.88
Total Solar Energy Rejection78%68%56%
Infrared Rejection93%88%80%
Ultraviolet Rejection99%99%99%


Exterior Max

For exterior applications, we offer a UV-stabilized polyester exterior film that is built to withstand the elements.

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FilmEM Clear Max
7 Mil PS
EM Solar Grey
20% 2 Mil PS
EM Solar Bronze
20% 3 Mil PS
EM Soft Bronze
35% 3 Mil PS
EM Soft Silver
20% 3 Mil PS
Total Solar Energy Transmitted80%17%14%24%13%
Total Solar Energy Reflected7%32%51%37%66%
Total Solar Energy Absorbed13%51%34%39%21%
Visible Light Transmitted89%18%21%34%18%
Visible Light Reflection Exterior8%34%35%24%65%
Visible Light Reflection Interior8%30%26%22%62%
Visible Light Glare Reduction1%80%77%62%80%
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient0.840.320.250.360.19
Shading Coefficient0.970.380.280.420.22
Luminous Efficacy0.910.470.740.820.81
Total Solar Energy Rejection16%67%75%64%81%
Infrared Rejection26%82%94%87%94%
Ultraviolet Rejection99%99%99%99%99%


Specialty Films

Beauty and privacy come together in our line of specialty residential and commercial window films.

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2 Mil
White Max
2 Mil
Black MAX
3 Mil
White Frost Matte
2 Mil
Total Solar Energy Transmitted79%15%0%66%
Total Solar Energy Reflected8%51%5%16%
Total Solar Energy Absorbed13%34%96%18%
Visible Light Transmitted82%10%0%68%
Visible Light Reflection Exterior8%64%5%19%
Visible Light Reflection Interior8%86%7%20%
Visible Light Glare Reduction9%89%100%24%
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient0.830.250.30.71
Shading Coefficient0.950.290.350.82
Luminous Efficacy0.860.3600.83
Total Solar Energy Rejection17%75%74%29%
Infrared Rejection19%78%99%33%
Ultraviolet Rejection99%99%100%99%